COVID cases rising again in Europe, WHO says


When will Victoria accept international travellers again?*

(*Spoiler alert — this post will not tell you when Victoria will accept international travellers again). 

As we saw earlier, Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer Allen Cheng got his Pfizer vaccine this morning as part of his duties as an infectious diseases expert at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. 

Professor Cheng is advising the Victorian government on when it will be safe to restart the hotel quarantine program again. 

International flight arrivals to Victoria have been on hold since February 13 during the Holiday Inn outbreak. 

“Clearly one of the things we want to do is make sure everyone who works there [in hotel quarantine] is vaccinated and that’s being rolled out at the moment,” he said.

“We’re hoping that will be finished very soon, actually… in the next week or so.” 

Professor Cheng said in March last year he was in quarantine after being exposed to coronavirus on a hospital ward and he hopes it won’t happen again.

He said he feels more confident now that he’s been vaccinated. 

“But.. certainly it does give me a sense of confidence that when I go and see patients in about two or three weeks’ time that it’ll be safer than before I got vaccinated.” 

Reporting by Kathy Lord

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