Honduras: Latin America – Storms Fact Sheet #6, Fiscal Year (FY) 2021

Latin America


189 Reported Deaths in Latin America due to Eta and Iota UN – Nov. 24, 2020

6.8 MILLION Estimated People Affected by Eta and Iota in Central America UN – Dec. 1, 2020

404,500 Estimated People in Official and Unofficial Emergency Shelters in Guatemala and Honduras CONRED, COPECO – Dec. 2, 2020

225,000 Estimated People Isolated From Humanitarian Access in Honduras COPECO – Dec. 2, 2020

  • USAID/BHA announces additional funding for Honduras, Guatemala, and Colombia, bringing the total USAID/BHA funding allocated to the response to nearly $48 million.

  • Relief actors highlight health, nutrition, protection, and WASH needs among populations remaining in evacuation shelters in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

  • DoD fulfills all humanitarian missions in Guatemala and Honduras, transporting 257 MT of urgently needed supplies to reach storm-affected communities.

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