Two sisters stab Chicago store security guard 27 times after being asked to wear masks

Chicago News

Two sisters stabbed a security guard 27 times on Sunday, after he had asked them to wear face masks and use hand sanitiser. Jessica Hill, 21, and Jayla Hill, 18, attacked the 32-year-old security guard after an argument where they refused the guard’s request for them to wear face masks at the Snipes shore store in Lawndale.

The Chicago Sun Times, reported that the younger sister filmed the argument using her phone before the attack. She said she was calling someone to beat him down, which prompted the security guard to grab her phone.

In retaliation, the older sister allegedly picked up a trash can and smashed it on the guard’s face, which then escalated with both sisters punching him. Jessica Hill was said to have pulled a knife from her back pocket that was concealed in a comb, and began stabbing the guard while Jayla Hill held him in place by his hair. The guard, who has not been publicly identified, suffered stab wounds to his chest, back, neck and arms.

The store manager begged the sisters to stop and as the guard was finally able to break free, the sisters then kicked him in his head and body. Despite his numerous stab wounds, the 6’5″, 270lb security guard managed to hold onto the women until police arrived.

Both women were arrested at the scene and were treated for minor lacerations at a nearby hospital.

According to police spokeswoman Karie James, the security guard was taken to the hospital where he was treated for 27 puncture wounds and is in critical condition. However, reports said he did not require any surgery. Chicago police have no update on his current condition.

Each of the women has been charged with attempted first-degree murder on Tuesday and were held without bail by Cook County Circuit Judge Mary C. Marubio.

Judge Marubio said, while the attack may not have been premeditated, the number of stab wounds inflicted on the guard was “of concern.”

During the bond hearing, the sisters’ appointed attorney from the women’s court said the stabbing was in self-defence, adding that both women suffer from bipolar disorder.

The attorney said the accused had been “over-charged” and Jayla would not have recorded the incident if they intended to commit a crime and neither has a criminal record.

On the other hand, prosecutors said the guard never approached either women before the attack.

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