VIRUS IS ‘KEEPING US FROM LIVING’: PM’s grim warning about Australia


Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews told reporters today he doesn’t think Victoria Police have a serious culture problem, despite a series of violent clashes in recent days.

Australians were left shocked after the "barbaric" arrest of a man in Melbourne's north on Sunday afternoon, and the moment this morning police opened fire on a man who pulled a knife and rushed at officers outside a Lilydale shopping centre.

Asked during his press conference this morning how he felt about the incident on Sunday afternoon, Mr Andrews said the officer involved being stood down “is the appropriate step to take”, and sent his “best wishes” to the family of the man arrested.

Picture: Daniel Pockett/Getty Images

But questioned over whether Victoria Police had a serious cultural problem – in light of an Aboriginal Melbourne metro rail tunnel worker being allegedly pinned to the ground and called a “black c***” by police – the Premier said he didn’t believe there was.

“No, I don’t believe so, and I don’t think that police would concur with the way you’ve described that particular event,” he said.

“They would have a different version of events. But that’s not for me to advance. That would be for them to advance and I’m not sure whether there’s a court process or any other process in relation to that.”

Mr Andrews said “in broad terms” that Victoria Police “are out there doing very important work”.

Picture: William West/AFP

“They do it with professionalism, they do it with skill, they do with a genuine concern to keep the community safe,” he said.

“I’m grateful to them, but where an individual incident occurs, which I don’t think speaks to the culture, where an individual incident occurs, it should be properly investigated and I have confidence that that’s exactly what will happen.

“Whether it’s COVID issues, or the youth gang push that was announced yesterday, I think Victoria Police have a very broad brief and they are working very hard to make sure that in the pandemic, and afterwards, that they’re out fighting crime and keeping the community safe.”

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