Morocco’s F-16 Flies With US B-52 Bombers Participating in Europe Mission


Rabat – Two US Air Force B-52 Stratofortress jets flew alongside Morocco’s F-16 aircraft during the Bomber Task Force Europe mission on September 7.

The US embassy in Morocco shared a photo of the aircraft flying during the operation, expressing satisfaction with its partnership with the North African country in the field.

“Operations & engagements w/ our allies & partners demonstrate & strengthen our shared commitment to global security & stability,” the embassy wrote.

The Aviationist website shared more information about the mission, explaining that the US B-52s that Morocco’s F-16 accompanied, belonging to the 5th Bomb Wing, flew from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to carry out the Europe mission.

The US’s B-52 aircraft deployed for the Europe task “carried out a mission to Morocco” after taking off from RAF Fairford in the UK, the website said, adding that in April 2019 Morocco’s F-16s also flew with US aircraft.

The Aviationist also shared tweets from Saint1, a Twitter account specialized in military and aircraft.

“Two B52s out of Fairford this morning, BUSH11(0005) & BUSH12 (0034). Unusual destination as BUSH11 currently showing over Morocco, looks like an African mission today,” one tweet said.

The industrial website said the two aircraft from the US headed to Spain after flying over Morocco.

The US and Morocco share strong cooperation in several fields, including military.

The US is a key supplier for Morocco in terms of military equipment.

Both countries continue to vow to reinforce cooperation in all fields.

On September 1, the US and Morocco signed a bilateral agreement on strengthening diplomatic privileges and immunities. The agreement seeks to ensure efficient functioning of diplomatic representations in Morocco and the US.

In a statement issued after the ceremony, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the signing of the agreement testifies to “the long tradition of ties that unite Morocco and the US, marked by a common vision of peace, tolerance, coexistence, and a fight against all forms of extremism and terrorism.”

“It’s another achievement in our long history of friendship, which, God willing, will continue long into the future,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said about the deal after the signing.

According to the US Department of State, the agreement is the first of its kind between the US and an African nation, demonstrating Morocco’s important role as a primary US partner in Africa.

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