Morocco’s Regional Baccalaureate Exams to Take Place October 1-3

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Rabat – Morocco’s regional baccalaureate exams are set to take place between October 1-3, the Ministry of Education announced today.

Regional baccalaureate exams are the tests that students in Morocco take at the end of the second year of high school. Students take the exams in secondary subjects, depending on their branch of studies. The regional exams make up 25% of the overall mark of baccalaureate in Morocco.

Minister of Education Saaid Amzazi decided on the date of the exams during a meeting with several federations representing students’ parents.

To allow students to prepare for the exams, classes for the final year of high school will not begin until October 5. Schools will organize preparation sessions for students throughout September, Amzazi announced.

The announcement came after the minister eliminated the possibility of canceling regional baccalaureate exams because it would discredit Morocco’s baccalaureate diploma.

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Speaking at the House of Representatives on August 26, Amzazi said regional baccalaureate exams are essential for students in Morocco.

The minister pledged that students will receive a notification about the date of the exams two or three months in advance. However, the announcement came only one month before the exams and could possibly cause anger among students.

Regional baccalaureate exams in Morocco traditionally take place in June. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Education first postponed them to September.

After the epidemiological situation in the country did not improve, the ministry decided to postpone them for a second time. They ultimately decided on the new date in concertation with organizations representing students and their parents.

With Morocco’s epidemiological situation still unstable, the Ministry of Education did not fully eliminate the possibility of a further change of date, saying the exams will take place on October 1-3 on the condition that the COVID-19 situation does not worsen.

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