Grand Comfort have a unique franchise model that is a game changer


Franchise plumbing company have become successful thanks to their unique business model

BUFFALO GROVE, IL, USA, August 29, 2020 / — Grand Comfort rose to success after 7 hard working years and as a result have a revenue of $3 million and over 20 employees. The company has thanked the success to the business model that they created which is out of the box and breaks the barriers of the traditional structure of a plumbing business.

A spokesman of the company has stated, “We are glad that our success has grown so much over the last years, which has led to satisfaction from our clients and franchisees. We wanted to give an opportunity to ambitious like minded people who deserve more than what they are offered in their everyday work lives.”The company asks for a $8,800 start up from franchisees and delivers strong support, as well as management so that the franchisees can begin with real success. A typical plumber who is undervalued usually earns $5,000 to $10,000 a month, which equals the price of a startup company. Once the franchise owner starts earning money, they can earn 3 times more net income yearly; which is why the franchise is ever growing. What makes this one of the most unique and beneficial model to franchisees is that the franchisor only earns money where there are actual sales. It is in other words a “No sales – No charge” policy.

The business model that Max and Rafael have set out works in a form of structure that they don’t receive profit, unless the franchisees make the sales. This creates a cash flow that is consistent and benefits plumbers and Grand Comfort only. The business model wasn’t designed for investors, but for plumbers directly who wanted to start up a business and be their own boss. A spokesman has stated, “With this business model that we have come up with, we are determined to give plumbers a better work environment and lifestyle that they deserve and should have the opportunity for.”

Grand Comfort has rapidly become popular in the last few years, with them being one of the fastest growing home services. Their business model also includes management of the business and ads being managed by Grand Comfort itself, while the franchisee only needs to schedule appointments and commit to making sales. Franchisees are also given SEO-optimized websites, as well as local buy ads that help book appointments daily.

A spokesman has stated, “We want out franchisees to ease into things without guidance and help along the way. It is important for them to feel comfortable in their own working environments, so that it can lead to the confidence of booking appointments and making sales.” Grand Comfort also stands out from other companies, as their business model includes something called a ‘Profit Book’; which is what sets them apart from other plumbing companies when it comes to profitabilities from jobs.

Their goal is not to accept any job, but to accept jobs that they can offer their expertise and quality to clients, while making a reasonable profit. This has given them success and has driven sales in an immediate effect, plus they have been able to use this as a platform of support for their team members. Grand Comfort Franchise owners are given regional specialists and coaches that can help support them and the business.

A spokesman has stated, “We offer full support with our staff in different sectors such as marketing, client support, sales, ad buying and lead generation. We have taken a lot of things into consideration, which is how we carefully selected our model to be the way it is today.”The company isn’t set out to be a standard franchise business, but something that is seen as realistic to start as a potential franchise owner. Hence, why they have changed the game and have an opendmindiness towards the plumbing business.

Grand Comfort started out as a company by technician Rafael and marketing expert Max, who wanted to break away from the existing conformity of the plumbing industry. The company started out with a strong motive to focus on digital marketing and concentrate on sales through technology, in order to be efficient and successful. With the results that the company gained, they knew that they could bring success to others, which is why they decided to turn the company into a franchise.

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