Xinhua Asia-Pacific news summary at 0600 GMT, July 21


KABUL — At least 20 Taliban militants have been killed during a series of airstrikes in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar province in the latest raid against the insurgents, command of Afghan Special Forces said on Tuesday.

The militant group has not made comments on the report so far. (Afghanistan-Airstrikes)

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NEW DELHI — India’s health ministry Tuesday morning reported 587 new deaths from COVID-19, and 37,148 positive cases during the past 24 hours across the country, taking the number of deaths to 28,084 and the total cases to 1,155,191.

According to ministry officials, so far 724,578 people have been discharged from hospitals after showing improvement. (India-COVID-19-Cases)

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HANOI — The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, China, Japan and South Korea (ASEAN Plus Three) have agreed to promote effective cooperation in order to improve capacity coping with COVID-19 while minimizing its impact and promoting recovery and sustainable development.

The ASEAN suggested that China, Japan and South Korea enhance coordination in the research and production of vaccines against COVID-19, as well as in regional common efforts to mitigate the impact of the pandemic. (ASEAN-Meeting)

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ISLAMABAD — Pakistani senior officials and lawmakers said on Monday that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is in progress despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the South Asian country.

A special committee on CPEC of the country’s senate reviewed progress on various CPEC projects and expressed satisfaction at the progress. (Pakistan-CPEC)

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