Chicago Blackhawks fans more worried about COVID-19 than Edmonton Oilers

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Chicago Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford has missed two practices in a row, deemed “unit to practice” by his team.

This has fans and observers of the Hawks more worried right now about COVID-19 than about the Edmonton Oilers.

The NHL has banned the reporting of the precise reason players are missing practice, this being the league’s response to confidentiality concerns during the COVID-19 epidemic.

But in the absence of good information, fans are left to speculate, which they are doing in large numbers.

Fans are worried both about Crawford’s absence, and about other players as well.

At the Stacking the Box blog, the headline reads: “Forget the Oilers, it’s Chicago vs. COVID.”

Blogger Seth Stauffer writes: “It’s hard not to speculate on what Crawford’s absence means, and during the current climate I’d say you’re probably lying if you didn’t kinda, sorta think something like, ‘damn coronavirus.’ No one knows for sure, or is at least not making that information public…Crawford may just be the beginning. What if any other player on the Blackhawks is suddenly, and inexplicably declared, ‘unfit to play’? Sure, the Blackhawks have a lot of centers, but what if Toews falls ill? What about Kane or Keith?… Crawford from a suburb of Montreal, a city that had serious issues getting the virus under control.  It’s entirely possible that he did contract the novel coronavirus, or has needed to be tested for it. This is the medical minefield that will likely be the postseason this year. I don’t wish this illness on anyone, but navigating this situation is going to be quite a feat.”

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