FAO Calls for More Innovative Policies in Asia-Pacific


TEHRAN (Dispatches) – FAO’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific warns that the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 requires a greater coordinated response on many policy levels, particularly to ensure food and nutrition security of billions of people in the vast Asia-Pacific region.
According to a policy brief released by the FAO Regional Office, the COVID-19 pandemic poses a serious threat to food and nutrition security in Asia and the Pacific, as the economic turmoil caused by the pandemic and the lockdowns threaten both economic and physical access to food.  
While the slowing global economy has caused widespread job losses, collapsing incomes, and falling remittances in Asia and the Pacific, FAO says that this convergence of factors may make food, particularly nutritious food, less affordable for some, especially the poor as well as vulnerable groups such as women, children and the disabled.  
Furthermore, despite the fact that over the last couple of months agricultural production and food supply have been less affected and international food market prices have remained generally soft, the Organization warns that any disruptions to and possible breakdowns of marketing, logistics and trading systems – due to the pandemic – could make food unavailable in some locations at some times.

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