Amrani’s building bridges between Morocco and South Africa


The relationship between South Africa and Morocco was somewhat civil over the past 15 years, but with the Ambassadorial appointment to South Africa of the Kingdom of Morocco’s Youseff Amrani, the two nations are working together to promote economic growth from both ends of the continent.

Amrani is no stranger to diplomatic relations and building or repairing bridges. His previous post as Delegate-Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation stands as testament to his ability to drive co-operation and reestablish the goodwill that South Africa and Morocco enjoyed in the past. 

It is also significant that King Mohammed VI appointed Amrani, suggesting just how committed his government is to prioritising foreign relations between the two nations.

“Morocco is to the north of Africa, what South Africa is to the south. In effect we are bookends of the continent, and what happens in between is all the best efforts that go into the economic development of not just our own nations, but Africa as a whole,” says Amrani.

‘Bookending’ is rather a good analogy, for both are concerned with promoting consultations between all African countries bilaterally and multilaterally. 

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