UCL launches pay-TV channel throughout Latin America

Latin America

A new regional pay-TV channel called UCL (‘Un Canal Latinoamericano’) was officially launched on 01 June with the goal of “reflecting the identity of the Spanish-speaking continent” and “promoting the values of culture and freedom of expression”. The channel is already available in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile and Peru as well as Spain. 

In a statement, UCL said it has signed broadcasting deals with France 24, DW Espanol, RFI (Radio France Internacional) and RT en Espanol in Europe as well as production agreements with the governments of Paraguay, Panama, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia. It will also air the daily news report of the Organization of American States (OAS).

UCL can be accessed via Cablevision Flow and Red Intercable in Argentina, Cablevision Flow and VeraTV in Uruguay, TigoStar and Copaco in Paraguay, TotalPlay in Mexico, CableOnda in Panama, Compuzip in the Dominican Republic, Red Intercable in Colombia, Red TV Cables in Chile, ATVCP Network in Peru, NN.TV in Spain and via the website UCLPlay.com.

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