What You Need To Know If Your Unemployment Benefits Are Running Out, Expired

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CHICAGO (CBS)– Are your unemployment benefits about to run out or already expired?

CBS 2 is Working For Chicago to bring you information about the unemployment crisis to help you get back on your feet.

One viewer told CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos that her benefits ran out in April and she still can’t get through to the Illinois Department of Employment security to try and extend.

“I have been trying to reach unemployment for weeks,” Kira Mackey said. “Since the end of march trying to find out what am I supposed to do. I have not been able to reach them at all.”

With this dilemma being reported over and over, Bigos took concerns to labor and employment attorney Jeremy Glenn at Cozen O’Connor.

“The unemployment benefit extension provides up to 13 weeks for those who have maxed out,” he said. “The group that had 26 weeks of unemployment up to about the first of April is now reaching the end of a program, end of their 13 week extension.

He said it will be up to state or federal officials to address a continuation of that program. Glenn says those who took advantage of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance  have up to 39 weeks of benefits.

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