Tararua Mayor Tracey Collis primed for role in regional economic taskforce

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Tararua District Mayor Tracey Collis gave serious thought to becoming part of the Regional Economic Recovery Taskforce before taking the role on.

“My priority will always be to our people and our district and I understand how crucial our own recovery plan is, but we also need to play our part regionally, especially with the opportunities the Manawatū/Tararua Highway offers.”

Collis said the critical impacts from Covid-19 would predominately be social and economic, but opportunities for stimulating recovery also extend to the built and natural environment, rural areas and cultural wellbeing.

As well as delivering a regional economic recovery plan, the taskforce would act as a vital channel for interaction with central government, identifying and pursuing opportunities to strengthen the region’s economy.

“I have always aspired for Tararua to be collaborative, working together locally, regionally and nationally to achieve the greatest outcomes for us. Being part of this taskforce is not something I have taken lightly or could possibly take part in without the full confidence in our team of councillors and staff at the Tararua district.


Collis said Tararua also connected with the Wairarapa Economic Development Strategy and she understands what was planned and how the two could work together and leverage the opportunities that arose.

“We are fortunate to sit between the Hawke’s Bay, Manawatū and Wairarapa regions. Tararua connects them all and understanding each is important for our growth and prosperity. We are in the middle of everywhere. We can be proud of the enormous effort being contributed by the team here at council working for us in our recovery.”

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