Catholic Church rejects regional police

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Friday Olokor

The  Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria has  said  it will be difficult to have regional police  in  Nigeria.

The Secretary-General of the CSN, Rev. Fr. Zachariah Samjumi, said  in an interview with Sunday PUNCH in Abuja,  with a  regional police system, “we will end up complicating issues that we will not be able to solve”.

The organisation said  the military and other security agencies should be asked to explain why  killings  have continued in the country despite the huge investments by the Federal Government.

Samjumi  said, “When you get to hear what the security agencies are telling you, then perhaps, you may end up not blaming them.”

According to the cleric, he will not support regional police “because Nigeria is very complex”.

 He  said, “In Kano, there is Hisbah police. Can a Christian  join that organisation?

“Can people other than their tribesmen join? If I’m living among Tiv, I am not Tiv, can I join their security outfit? So, the issues are a little bit complicated. As a country, we can sit down very well and look at it. “Yes, we have a problem at hand, but how best do we go about it without necessarily emphasising  the killing side and  sentiment? So for me, these are issues that should be ironed out first.

“Out of sentiment, people will demand regional police, but we will end up complicating issues that we will not be able to solve.

“There should be further conversation, let us bring out all these ramifications. It is not enough to say because of one region is doing it and others should do same.

“Who is qualified to be there? The whole of the North are not all Hausa. But generally in the East or West, once you’re coming from the North, they say you’re Hausa. But you’re not and many of us are not. So, who are the people that should be qualified to be in the regional police? Is it just purely Tiv, Hausa, Yoruba? What do we really mean by that? At the end of the day, it is the tribal hegemony that we don’t want to have.”

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