For the first time since March, daily COVID-19 deaths in New York State dip below 100


(WIVB) – For the first time since March, the number of COVID-19 deaths statewide dipped below 100.

Hospitalizations, intubations, new cases, and deaths are continuing in a downward trend across the state.

“The news is good news,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during his Saturday afternoon press briefing.

In Western New York, the number of hospitalizations has decreased for three days straight, down to 177 on Friday, according to the state’s data.

Western New York, like several other regions of the state, is in Phase One of reopening.

How likely is it that we will make it to Phase Two?

It depends on the numbers, Gov. Cuomo said during his press conference.

Currently, WNY is possibly looking at June 2 for the start of Phase Two reopening- there’s about a two-week gap between the state’s reopening phases. However, that date isn’t set in stone.

Moving to Phase Two could be accelerated or delayed- it’s a judgement call that will look at whether the numbers have stabilized, if there is an increase in numbers, and whether the numbers are problematic, Gov. Cuomo said during his press conference.

In an executive order on Friday, Cuomo amended the ban on non-essential gatherings, saying that gatherings of ten people or less is allowed as long as social distancing protocol is followed.

He warned in his Saturday press conference to be careful with gatherings of any number.

“It depends on us,” Cuomo said. “Weigh the risk- it doesn’t mean you have to have ten people if it’s unnecessary.”

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