Illinois governor calling on legislature to pass plan to help local economies

Chicago News USA

CHICAGO- Illinois has surpassed 83,000 coronavirus cases, with 4,000 new cases reported in the last 24 hours. Illinois is also now reporting 3,601 deaths, that is an increase of 144.

Gov. Pritzker spent a lot of today’s briefing discussing jobs and helping businesses. He announced a program to provide $25 million in grants to help local governments jumpstart public infrastructure projects for the summer construction season.

He wants lawmakers to pass a law to distribute funds to small cities and towns. The money should be used to support their need to fund first responders and basic services that could fall apart from COVID related revenue loss.

Pritzker said Illinois needs mortgage and rent assistance for small businesses as well.

“The national projections show some industries will begin recovering in the reasonably near future and still others may take longer. Meanwhile, workers and their families are hurting,” Pritzker said.

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