Crossfit Community In Oak Park Coming Together Virtually To Help Local Businesses

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CHICAGO (CBS)– A Crossfit gym in Oak Park has the answer if you want to work out and help your community.

Dave Greene owns Crossfit Spero in Oak Park. And he, like everyone else, is now working hard to figure out what’s best for his community and his business.

His Crossfit community is now coming together virtually through working out, coaching and happy hours. They’re coming together to make sure other Oak Park businesses can weather this pandemic with a 21-day fitness challenge.

Already, about 80 people have signed up and pledged $50. All that money raised $4,000 will go directly to purchase gift certificates from local businesses shut down due to COVID-19.

If these Crossfitters complete the 21 day challenge, they get that $50 back, in the form of a gift certificate to an Oak Park business.

Visit the Crossfit Spero website to get involved.

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