Coronavirus confirms Africans’ crucial role at global stage, Black doctors doing wonders in Italy, USA and Europe


By Jerome Ogola

Havana: Cuba has sent a battalion of doctors to Lombardy, the new epicenter of coronavirus, on humanitarian grounds, to help battle the epidemic
That is great of Cuba. They’ve done so before during the Ebola outbreak
The others only have nuclear weapons which can’t save mankind from anything
Now everyone appreciates why the world needs more doctors than soldiers and a more efficient health care system than sophisticated armies and weaponry

We, Kenyans would’ve also wished to help but sadly we do not have enough doctors. The only “professionals” we have in surplus are preachers and although we aren’t sure they are needed there, at least we are willing to donate a few
In fact, they can offer prayers to the victims and prayers cure all manner of problems, let alone COVID-19. They can also export the miracles they perform at Afraha and other stadia in Kenya
It is Cuba who donated a few doctors to us, when our dilapidated system couldn’t pay our own, but sadly Al Shabaab abducted them and ran away with them into Somalia, leaving us vulnerable

In other news a Chinese billionaire has donated testing kits and masks worth a few billions to Kenya and other African counties
The last time I checked, Kenya had, not just thousands of dollar billionaires but dedicated philanthropists as well. However, coronavirus has taught us a lesson on who our friends are, as all these billionaires have disappeared and none has donated even one pair of gloves

This is the moment for the rescue teams and those who feel sufficiently philanthropic, because if you help someone at such hour of need, he won’t forget you, just like nobody forgets the village medicine man who cured him of syphilis
Again the authorities are, or may soon get overstretched beyond capacity and may genuinely need to be helped, more than any time before .

Our local philanthropists will be back with drama when the epidemic is gone, distributing everything for free, including branded underwear
I remember a KANU candidate who donated branded underwear for our women, with a red jogoo printed just on top of the position of the thatched ATM
It is very wrong and undermining for anyone to buy our women the very clothing that covers the miracle, but we hoof eaters have very limited options. It is better than walking bolingo

Still on COVID-19 I hope you washed your hands in dreams because this thing is highly contagious, you can contract it there then wake up to spread it in real life when you wake up

Alternatively, sleep with your sanitizer next to you for use in dreamland, much like a genuine Jaluo sleeps with stones and a sling just in case baba calls for maandamano in dreamland

Good morning, my fellow Southerners

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