What years brought the most and least precipitation in Chicago?

Chicago News

Dear Tom,
In the history of Chicago’s weather records, what year brought the most precipitation and what year brought the least precipitation?
Luise Sardo, Chicago
Dear Luise,
In official weather records dating from 1871 (that is a period of 148 years through 2018), Chicago’s wettest year was 2008, with 50.86 inches of precipitation as registered at O’Hare International Airport. The second-wettest year occurred just three years later, 2011, with 49.83 inches, also at O’Hare. At Midway Airport, with precipitation records dating from 1929 (90 years of complete records), the wettest year was 2014, with 52.00 inches. (Midway Airport was Chicago’s official reporting station only from 1942 to 1980.)
Chicago’s driest year occurred in 1962, with 22.22 inches, as recorded at Midway Airport. The city’s second-driest year was 1956, with 22.23 inches, also at Midway.

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