Calls To Reopen The Case After Video Shows Chicago Native Sandra Bland Was Recording On Her Cell Phone During Traffic Stop

Chicago News

CHICAGO (CBS) — Video has been released of the trooper dash cam of Sandra Bland’s 2015 traffic stop in Texas, but a new 39 second video obtained by reporter Brian Collister of the Investigative Network shows Bland was also recording on her cell phone.

Now there are calls to reopen the case against the trooper.

The Bland family says the new video confirms their suspicions because until now the family and the public have only seen the dash cam video.

“You mind putting out your cigarette please? If you don’t mind?” Trooper Brian Encinia can be heard saying on video.

“I’m in my car. Why do I have to put out my cigarette?” Bland can be heard saying.

“Well, you can step on out now,” Encinia said.

“I don’t have to step out of my car,” Bland said.

Encinia later claimed he ordered Bland out of her car because he said he feared for his safety.

“My safety was in jeopardy at more than one time,” he said.

Encinia was indicted on perjury for his version of what happened in his arrest report, but what he never mentions in that audio interview is that he knew Bland was recording him because she told him so.

“I have a right to record,” she said. “This is my property.”

The Investigative Network uncovered the never before seen video, and for the first time, it takes viewers inside her car to experience her arrest as if through her eyes.

Three days later Sandra Bland was found hanging in her jail cell. Her death was ruled a suicide.

The Texas state troopers and attorney general have declined to comment.


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