Windsor Regional has tested ‘handful’ of people for coronavirus

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Windsor Regional Hospital has tested a “handful” of individuals for coronavirus. 

Spokesperson Steve Erwin wouldn’t give an exact number but said more than five people and fewer than 10 have been tested at Windsor Regional. There are no confirmed coronavirus cases in Windsor. 

“What we would look for would be sign of fever, a respiratory infection, flu-like symptoms, combined with recent travel history to that part of China,” he said, referring to Wuhan, the Chinese city at the epicentre of the current global coronavirus outbreak. 

Erwin added that the hospital is also testing individuals “who may have been around someone who’s had that recent travel.”

The hospital is following guidelines established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health. 

“Sometimes you err on the side of caution, and you may not have all of those indicators, but you may still go ahead with the test anyway,” Erwin said.

Health Canada has confirmed five coronavirus cases in Canada — three in Ontario and two in British Columbia. 

A woman in London is among the confirmed cases in Ontario. Provincial health officials said at a Thursday media conference that there are 62 Ontarians whose coronavirus tests are still pending.

According to the latest WHO situation report released on Thursday, there are 28,276 confirmed cases of coronavirus across 24 countries. Approximately 28,000 confirmed cases are in China. 

More than 560 people have died of coronavirus in China. 

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