Follow the money in the Middle East — Marc Kennedy

Middle East

The tension between Iran and the United States didn’t start with the 1979 embassy takeover. It began in 1953, when the CIA helped topple Mohammed Mosaddegh, the democratically elected prime minister, and then reinstalled the Shah who was more compliant to western interests. Mosaddegh had threatened to nationalize the British-run oil industry.

When the Brits balked at an outright coup, the CIA went ahead anyway, urged by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles who falsely claimed Mosaddegh was a communist. Dulles saw commies in every corner, and seldom let facts get in the way concerning regime change, whether it was Iran or Central America.

Dulles also helped topple the democratic government in Guatemala in the ’50s claiming it too was “communist,” triggering a dirty little war that killed tens of thousands of civilians. In reality, the incursion was to ensure United Fruit Company could continue to treat Guatemala like a colony, making millions for Dulles cronies who sat on its board.

Don’t be too quick to accept the party line by American power brokers who have lied to us repeatedly, from the Gulf of Tonkin to non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Look at who has the most to gain from removing Mosaddegh, invading Iraq or killing Soleimani.

Follow the money. Follow. The. Money.

Marc Kennedy, Middleton

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