UK offers poor value-for-money for fixed-line broadband in Europe – research


The UK is the 5th cheapest of 29 countries in Western Europe for fixed-line broadband, and 71st cheapest in the world overall (out of 206 countries), according to the latest data compiled by

However, due to lower average speeds compared to most of Europe, the UK fares worse in terms of value for money, ranking 23rd of 29 countries in W Europe and 81st worldwide. The UK has a cost per 1 Mbps of bandwidth, per month, of USD 1.07. 

The cheapest fixed-line broadband worldwide is currently in Syria, with an average cost of USD 6.60 per month. The most expensive fixed-line broadband is in Eritrea, with an average monthly cost of USD 2,666.24. The US is one of the most expensive Western markets for fixed-line broadband, coming 119th place overall with an average cost of USD 50 per month. 

In Western Europe, France offers the cheapest fixed-line broadband with an average cost of USD 27.81 per month; followed by Germany (USD 28.74), Andorra (USD 32.65) and Italy (USD 33.28). 

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