New Jersey Teachers Prep Lesson Plans On LGBTQ History, Homosexual Persecution During Holocaust


“This curriculum violates and conflicts with the religious and moral beliefs of millions of New Jerseyeans regarding human sexuality,” Hyland said.

Hyland warned that the curriculum is not being drafted by academic historians or professors but by “the most powerful LGBT advocacy group in the state.” And Hyland says these advocacy groups have an agenda that does not consider historical accuracy.

“The original bill language from February 2018, stated students must be taught an accurate portrayal of historical contributions of LGBT individuals in social studies,” the director explained. “The final bill language in December 2018, and that was signed into law by Governor Murphy in Feb 2019, removed the requirement of accuracy and instead asserted students must be taught a positive view of the LGBT community, regardless of the facts.”

“The public school classroom is no place for the indoctrination of sexual ideology,” he said.

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