String Of Heists At Luxury Stores In Chicago Area Under Investigation

Chicago News

CHICAGO (CBS)– There has been a string of high-end heists with thieves hitting luxury stores and making off with pricey merchandise.

It’s happened several times in recent weeks at businesses around downtown and Near North.

Police said it’s happened at least six times in the last three weeks. Thieves breaking the glass or prying open doors to get inside.

Their latest target was a Jimmy Choo store on east Oak Street.

Police were on the scene early Thursday morning.

Officers said the burglars are getting away with thousands of dollars in merchandise, grabbing all kinds of high end clothing, purses, wallets and cash from the register.

Thieves also staged a high-end heist Monday night right on the Magnificent Mile.

Investigators said men with their faces covered stormed into the Louis Vuitton store on Michigan Avenue, stealing whatever they could carry.

The group then ran out and hopped in a black SUV headed north.

Northbrook police released surveillance photos after another Louis Vuitton store in Northbrook Court was hit.

It happened just about an hour after the Mag Mile theft.

Five thieves with scarves covering their faces came into the store, grabbed about 10 purses and ran out.

Witnesses said it all happened within a matter of seconds.

No one in either incident was hurt.

Northbrook police said they are in contact with Chicago police, but it’s still not certain if the two crimes are related.

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