Forest: North Carolina can finally bridge the urban-rural divide


Dan Forest

By Dan Forest

Over the past decade, conservative policies have led to unprecedented growth in many parts of North Carolina.

Our urban areas are doing well. But for every tower-crane dotting the skyline of Raleigh and Charlotte, there’s an empty storefront on Main Street in a small town.  And for every job seeking a person in our cities, there is a person seeking a job in our rural areas.

In the coming decade, we will unleash the innovative spirit of North Carolina leaders to bring new prosperity to rural North Carolina.  Our urban and rural areas have their own unique value, and they need each other to succeed in a modern economy.

Here’s what I see in 2020 and beyond:

Our cities will continue to thrive as we pursue new market-maker innovations that will transform higher education, job opportunities and create new high-paying careers for our people.

Our cities will begin to attract Fortune 500 CEOs seeking to provide a better quality of life for their employees and a better tax environment for their shareholders.

Our rural communities will expand upon their agricultural strength to grow and process more food to feed the world.

Our pursuit of innovative new markets will establish cutting-edge research and incubator start-ups from our universities.

Smart investments in infrastructure will provide the connectivity that will make it just as easy to do business in Wilkes County as in Wake.

We live in the greatest state in America. With continued conservative policies leading the way, and with the right vision, plan and team, we will make North Carolina even better and will finally bridge the urban-rural divide.

Dan Forest is the lieutenant governor of North Carolina and a Republican candidate for governor.

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