CPD Says Man Walked To Northwestern Hospital After Getting Bitten By Coyote

Chicago News

CHICAGO (CBS)– Watch where you’re walking in Lincoln Park, more people are reporting attacks by coyotes.

A man told Chicago police a coyote bit him Wednesday night in Lincoln Park.

The 32-year-old man is being treated at Northwestern Hospital.

He told police he was walking on the sidewalk when a coyote came from behind and bit him in the butt.

The man is expected to be okay.

This incident happened just hours after a child was attacked by a coyote Wednesday near the Peggy Notebaert Museum.

The coyote was spotted near the Northwestern Hospital Thursday morning.

Due to the coyote’s limp, it could be the same one spotted in other videos.

Just Wednesday afternoon around 4 p.m. a child was attacked near the Lincoln Park museum. Police said the coyote bit the 5-year-old multiple times, including on his head.

The child’s condition was stabilized in the hospital.

The search continues for the coyote.

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