State media in regions to be united into regional media centers

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Bishkek, Dec.3, 2019. /Kabar/. As part of the reorganization of the regional state media, regional television and radio broadcasting companies and the editorial offices of district and regional newspapers are merging, Director of the Department of Information and Mass Communications under the Ministry of Culture of Kyrgyzstan Salkyn Sarnogoyeva said at the press conference at Kabar News Agency.

She said 7 regional media centers would be created instead.

“The regional media centers will have the following platforms: TV, newspapers, website, online broadcasting and a press centre,” Sarnogoeva said.

A total of 34 district newspapers and 2 regional newspapers are planned to be reduced.

“The main goal is to provide quality information services so that the centers can reach self-sufficiency in the future,” the department head added.

The participants of the press conference believe that providing a package of services to advertisers can increase demand, and the management will be set specific tasks in this direction.

A total of 110 employees will be reduced. According to representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism, these are technical staff. They will be paid compensation.

The employees of the district newspapers will become embedded reporters.

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