Police Chase Leaves Innocent Driver Caught In The Middle, Worried For His Hurt Daughter

Chicago News

CHICAGO (CBS) — Dramatic new video shows the end of a police chase in the south suburbs.

Officers said it involved guns and a stolen car. And the suspects smashed into an innocent driver at the end of the chase last Saturday.

CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas has learned police are still looking for one suspect.

The video, from an Alsip police camera, shows suspects driving on the wrong side of the street in what police say is a stolen Chevy Equinox. Harvey police were chasing after them.

Officers said the suspects had just topped 120 mph on I-294, refusing to stop for Harvey police.

When they got off the interstate, the suspects slammed into a man’s car near 123rd and Cicero.

The man was not seriously hurt, but he told CBS 2 his back was hurting, and the same is true for his 11-year-old daughter, who was also in the car with him.

The suspects can be seen taking off on foot at the intersection, running into an alley and then hopping over a fence.

Police arrested three of them: Sean Alexander, Erick Griffith and Tamar Nobles. But they are still looking for an 18-year-old named Jamoun Wright.

Officers said he took off down an alley, then found and stole a running car. Authorities said the suspects also had guns on them, at least one gun that was stolen from Michigan.

The men ditched two guns outside a liquor store at 123rd and Cicero.

Alsip police said they were not involved in the car chase, but they did help block traffic as Harvey police followed the Equinox.

CBS 2 went to the Harvey Police Department to ask why they were after the men in the first place, but a staff member said no one was available to answer questions.

Alsip police said Wright is wanted by Harvey police for his possible connection to a gun crime.

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