State opens up $100M for regional flood mitigation projects

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The state is looking to dish out $100 million in federal grants to undertake regional and local flood mitigation projects.  

The money is part of a proposed $1.2 billion action plan funded through the federal Community Development Block Grant program, announced earlier this year. 

The money will be split between two pots, with $60 million dedicated to statewide projects and the remaining $40 million to be split between the state’s eight watershed districts. 

Funding is expected to be available in spring 2020, but the plan is still pending approval by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  

“Through this funding opportunity, we are prioritizing high-impact local projects that are already vetted and will provide immediate flood relief to communities and reduce known flood risks as quickly as possible,” Gov. John Bel Edwards said in a news release today. “This process will help address some of our state’s most pressing flood protection needs while we prepare to spend hundreds of millions more on similar projects throughout our state in the coming years.”

A steering committee in each watershed region will select priority projects to be included in Round 1 funding decisions. Pre-applications are due Dec. 20. 

Public meetings will be held in each watershed region next month for prospective applicants. 

The Baton Rouge area meeting will be at 9:30 a.m. Dec. 6 at the Bluebonnet Library. 

Read more about the program here.

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