Wave of polar air threatens Europe-wide cold snap


Early December see a fresh wave of cold polar air, according to projections from the latest meteorological models.

It is caused by a sudden stratospheric warming that pushes cold air from the North Pole further south towards Europe — and could even reach parts of North Africa.

This sudden warming of the stratosphere around Siberia could also potentially destabilise the so-called polar vortex, a phenomenon that keeps cold air close to the Artctic Circle.

According to the above forecasts, the episode would be relatively fast-paced, and would be followed by higher than normal temperatures for the wintry season in Europe.

In the meantime, another storm travelling in from the Atlantic can be expected this weekend.

Nicknamed Cecilia, the storm is expected to bring heavy rain, strong winds and waves to the Cantabrian and the Mediterranean in France and Spain.

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