Second Bank Robbery Suspect Charged, His Accomplice Led Police On A Chase That Ended In Irving Park

Chicago News

CHICAGO (CBS) — Maurice Murphy, 32, has been charged federally for stealing more than $15,000 from a Des Plaines bank earlier this week.

His suspected accomplice, Christopher Willis, led police on high-speed chase that ended in Old Irving Park gun battle Tuesday night.

“You got me,” Murphy, who is believed to be the getaway driver, told investigators.

(Credit: Cook County Sheriff’s Office)

He said the bank robbery was Willis’ idea but he needed the money.

Willis shot a Chicago Police officer, and then was shot and killed in a gun battle with Des Plaines police inside a music school.

The gunfire in the music school also wounded a boy who was just there taking a piano lesson.

“Shut up, go back here, give me the money,” Willis shouted to the employees at the Des Plaines Bank of America, according to a 20-page federal indictment.

He was pressing a 9mm gun into a bank teller’s back and soon left with more than $15,000 in a white plastic bag.

FBI agents, and Chicago, Des Plaines and Illinois State Police officers were able to track the suspect’s movements after the quick-thinking teller slipped in a GPS tracking device with the money. Chicago police were waiting when the suspect got off the Kennedy Expressway at Irving Park Road at about 6:53 p.m., officials said.

With police sirens blaring, the robbery pair ditched the car a few blocks from the bank and started running in different directions.

That’s when a witness saw Murphy sprinting and a group of people tackled him.

But his accomplice got away.

Upon seeing Chicago police at Irving Park Road near Kildare Avenue, Willis fired at the vehicles — striking a Chicago Police officer in the head, CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson said. The officer suffered a skull fracture and was in serious condition.

Des Plaines police continued their pursuit, which eventually ended in a music school, believed to be UpBeat Music and Arts at 4318 W. Irving Park Road. Des Plaines police and the suspect exchanged gunfire, and the 32-year-old suspect was shot and killed, Johnson said.

A 15-year-old bystander who was in the music school for a piano lesson at the time of the shooting was shot in the arm and the abdomen in the melee. He was taken to Lurie Children’s Hospital where his condition was critical, but later stabilized.

No shots were fired by Chicago Police officers.

Following the robbery, police in Des Plaines were able to capture Murphy, who fled on foot.

At first, Murphy denied even knowing Willis.

But after he was confronted with surveillance photos he told police, “You got me.”

The CBS 2 Investigators combed through Cook County records to find Murphy’s history of criminal charges dating back to 2013.

He’s pleaded guilty to aggravated gun charges, forgery and drug charges in the past.

He was on probation until May 2018.

Murphy told investigators that he wasn’t sure what his “cut” of the $15 grand would be.

He’s now in federal custody and will have a detention hearing on Monday.

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