US: Chicago gang leader charged with aiding Daesh in Syria

Chicago News

The leader of a Chicago-area street gang has been arrested for allegedly attempting to provide material support to the terrorist group Daesh.

Jason Brown, also known as “Abdul Ja’Me”, allegedly provided $500 in cash to an individual on three separate occasions this year, with the understanding that the money would be wired to a Daesh fighter engaged in active combat in Syria, according to a criminal complaint and affidavit filed in the US District Court in Chicago. Unbeknownst to Brown, the individual to whom he provided the money was confidentially working with law enforcement and the purported Daesh fighter was actually an undercover law enforcement officer.

The 37-year-old leader of the AHK gang could be heard on secret FBI recordings speaking admiringly about beheadings by Daesh, the 27-page complaint says. If someone insults the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), “his head gotta go”, he is cited as saying.

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AP reported that AHK, which traffics drugs throughout the Chicago area, is comprised of former members of the Black P-Stone, Gangster Disciples and Four Corner Hustlers who converted to Islam. The gang requires all new members to convert.

Brown, who himself was said to have been radicalised while in a Georgia prison on a firearms conviction, was arrested on Thursday last week. He is charged with attempting to provide material support and resources to a foreign terrorist organisation. A detention hearing is set for tomorrow before the US Magistrates’ Court in Chicago.

Six other alleged members or associates of the AHK gang were also arrested on Thursday. They face federal drugs charges.

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