‘A big, bold goal’: Pip Marlow’s plans for Salesforce in Australia


“My goal is to continue to help drive that growth,” she says. “But to make sure I can do it at scale and it’s not just about selling something to a customer. It is about making sure the customer deploys it, adopts it and gets value out of it.”

“It is a high growth business and high growth region, which is fantastic.

Pip Marlow

Salesforce recorded US$13.3 billion ($19.5 billion) in revenue last financial year, and founder and chief executive Marc Benioff predicts that number to nearly double over the next four years as the company taps into digital, cloud-based trends with the aim of hitting US$30 billion in revenue.

While Salesforce does not split out its revenue by region, Ms Marlow said Australia is a key growth driver with the company employing over 2,000 staff locally and building a $1.9 billion tower in the heart of Sydney as its headquarters. The Salesforce tower will be the city’s tallest building when it is completed in 2022.

“It’s an incredible investment to have the tower in Australia,” Ms Marlow said. “It’s an investment in people, it’s creating a great footprint, it’s an investment in our customers because we will create spaces for them.”

Ms Marlow wants to increase the number of local employees further, with plans to hire over 1,000 new staff in Australia and New Zealand over the next few years.

Salesforce chief executive and co-founder Marc Benioff at Salesforce's Dreamforce conference.

Salesforce chief executive and co-founder Marc Benioff at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference. Credit:Jakub Mosur

“We’re growing our headcount because the business is growing rapidly,” she said. “It is a high growth business and high growth region, which is fantastic.”

She will also spearhead Salesforce Ventures Australia Trailblazer fund, a $50 million fund launched earlier this year aimed at funding Australian startups in the Salesforce ecosystem.

“When you’re in a large organisation you want to have an innovation agenda,” she said. “I do think having your fingers in there and figuring it out is is a good way to keep a good pulse on innovation and and get some symbiotic benefit from it.”


Salesforce counts companies like Qantas and Westpac among its clients, but Ms Marlow said small businesses are also a focus for the sales platform.

The reporter travelled to San Francisco as a guest of Salesforce.

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