APES#4 Bali Gravity Enduro Asia-Pacific Continental Enduro Series


Bali Island is a small beautiful part of the Indonesia archipelago. It has a unique culture that make this island distinct. This tropical island is most famous as a holiday destination filled with stunning beaches, but it has a growing enduro scene too.  

This is first time Indonesia (Bali) has hosted a round of the Asia-Pacific Enduro Series, and the Bali Gravity Enduro 2020 will feature eight stages in a two day race. It will be an unforgettable experience to race through Rocks Park of the Mt Batur crater, on singletrack that features roots and plenty of technical sections.  

EWS Event GradingRED (Advanced) 2 bars

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In 2019 EWS introduced a Event Grading system to classify event race routes, for more information about Event Grading System

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