The big ideas for travelling Australia


The rest of the world sees Australia as one of the most idyllic and exotic destinations on the planet.

In our world of long-haul travel, mega airports, complexities, queues and over-tourism, we’ve already arrived at one of the world’s great destinations, and yet many local travellers may have barely scratched its surface.

It’s a big, brown land fringed by golden beaches and blue seas.

It’s a big social mix, from glitzy cities to hokey outback towns.

It has big climate ranges, from temperate to tropical.

And to see it all, you need 20 big ideas…

The ultimate Aussie road trip

The Great Ocean Road is 100 years old. Yay. Construction by returned World War I servicemen on the now 243km began on September 19, 1919.

Take your time as you see the Twelve Apostles, Lorne, Apollo Bay and Torquay. Stop for some of the nice marked walks.

Breakfast at The Pond Cafe (Torquay), hamburger-up at The Bottle of Milk (Lorne), sip craft beer at Great Ocean Road Brewhouse (Apollo Bay) and overlook that beach at 12 Rocks Beach Bar (Port Campbell). Fly to Melbourne, hire a car, drive just over 110km to Torquay and you’re on it. And it’s great.

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