Study: New Mexico shoppers ranked second most at-risk for package thefts


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – As a nation, we have come to rely on online shopping, which makes the risk of getting our packages stolen by “porch pirates” all the more likely.

A new study by based on the most recent FBI larceny-theft reports from 2017, lists New Mexico as the number two “most at-risk” state for package thefts. According to the website, there were about 2,520 cases per 100,000 people in New Mexico.

The study states about 10% of all larceny offenses are from buildings. Although the data collected doesn’t separate thefts from buildings from all larcenies on the state level, they “infer that in places where larceny is more common, package theft is also more common.”

With the holiday season fast approaching, the threat of having packages stolen right from under us is very real. Rod Spurgeon, a Communications Specialist with the United States Postal Service, offered a few options for consumers wanting their packages to get to them safely.

“When you’re shipping a package, customers can choose the ‘hold for pick-up’ option, and that will let any recipient collect packages at their local post office,” Spurgeon said.

Informed Delivery has also proven to be effective.

“This lets you know when you’re getting mail, when you’re getting a package right away; so if you can’t get to it today, you can go online and have your mail held, you can have your package held for pickup, and this prevents anybody from accessing your packages or your mail,” added Spurgeon.

To read the study’s findings for yourself, click here. For more package safety tips, you can also visit the Postal Inspection Service website.

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