5 apps that are helping regional content consumption grow in India

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Let’s have a close look at which are these content creation platforms that are responsible for the growth in regional content consumption.

Content creation is a booming Industry in India; with such a diverse culture of people, food, places, festivals and languages, storytelling has become synonymous with our lived experiences. Digital has birthed a lot of opportunities for everyone especially when it comes to storytelling and narrating tales of escapades or life hacks on apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat etc. These platforms have witnessed English-speaking content creators become bloggers, vloggers, and influencers. With Youtube, we have seen a new wave of colloquial and native content taking over India, with the likes of Prajakta Koli and Mallika Dua.

Realizing the enormous potential of native content and its popularity with the masses, there are apps that have disrupted storytelling on digital platforms by bridging the gap between useful native content and community. These digital platforms help create bite-sized, streaming vlogs and videos, photo sharing of personal experiences, blogs, tutorials on lifestyle inspiration, entertainment gags, which are easy to share and upload in native as well English language.

Let’s have a close look at which are these content creation platforms that are responsible for the growth in regional content consumption. 


Fondly referred to as the Video Pinterest for India powered by user-generated original content, Trell is a community-based platform enabling lifestyle discovery through meaningful content in various Indian languages. As a platform hosting over 3 million users, Trell bridges the gap between users looking for meaningful content around lifestyle inspirations and content creators or aspiring influencers who wish to create vlogs of their interests and lifestyle stories via videos and photos. Riding on the back of its thriving and passionate community, Trell aims to be the biggest lifestyle community-content-commerce platform of India by 2020. The app helps to create, discover and experience the best of fashion and beauty tips, food recipes, new travel destinations and budget travel, review movies and T.V shows, health tips and so much more in Hindi, English, Telugu and Tamil.  Your one stop destination for discovering daily experiences, DIY, Recipes, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Sexual wellness, Men’s grooming and so much more.

Clip India App

Clip India app helps to easily create watch and download funny Indian videos or share videos with friends with just a click. The app can be used to upload content on Whatsapp status video in regional languages – Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi and Urdu. Join the only clip India video community and express yourself by sharing short video clips.


In an attempt to leverage and drive the number of vernacular content users, ShareChat proposes to be India’s answer to Facebook, Twitter and similar social networking platforms. Headquartered in Bengaluru, ShareChat was founded in 2015 by IIT-Kanpur alumni Bhanu Singh Pratap, Farid Ahsan and Ankush Sachdeva. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, ShareChat enables users to post and share videos, songs, images and other content, as well as discover content that is topical and trending. Users can interact with content in several Indian languages including Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Telugu, etc.


Roposo is a social media sharing platform that lets its users create images, video and other shareable content using editing tools. Based out of Gurugram, Roposo was founded in 2012 by IIT Delhi alumni Avinash Saxena, Mayank Bhangadia and Kaushal Shubhank. The app is currently available in 8 languages namely Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada Gujarati, Punjabi and Bengali, for users to explore and expresses themselves in. Roposo further plans to introduce languages like Odiya and Assamese among others and state that users can share content on their app without the risk of their message being lost in translation.

Samosa Labs

Samosa Labs is a chat entertainment app based out of Hyderabad and provides its users with a platform to create audio files and GIFs that can be shared across Facebook and WhatsApp and other social media platforms. In order to penetrate the regional language market, Samosa Labs gives its users the ability to create content in several Indian languages.

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