Southern African countries aim to set up regional IXPs

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Southern African governments are seeking to reduce the cost of the internet by keeping the region’s  traffic local, reports The Herald. They aim to enable capacity building and technical assistance to establish National Internet Exchange Points and Regional Internet Exchange Points, it said. Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries say the regional Internet Exchange Point (IXP) project aims to increase efficiency of regional traffic and attend to the costly exchange of African inter-country traffic via overseas hubs. 

Zimbabwean deputy ICT minister Jenfan Muswere said regional and national IXPs would result in more efficient and effective local internet services. Muswere said that by setting up RXIPs, traffic generated in the region would remain in the region, reducing the traffic load on upstream providers, cutting costs, increasing speed and lowering latency for inter-country exchange of traffic.

Zimbabwe and other countries in the region are currently paying overseas carriers to exchange “local” (continental) traffic on its behalf, which is largely viewed as costly and inefficient. 

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