Chicago Public Schools To Allow Football Teams To Practice During Teachers’ Strike

Chicago News

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Public Schools are allowing high school football teams to resume practicing during the teachers’ strike, so the teams can meet requirements to qualify for the state playoffs if the strike ends in time for the postseason.

The Illinois High School Association requires football teams to have three practices before they can play a game if the team hasn’t practiced in seven days, and CPS teams haven’t practiced since the strike began on Oct. 17.

In order to resume practices, CPS teams must have at least one non-union coach or representative who meets IHSA certifications. Practices also “must be conducted in such manner that assures the health and safety of the participants,” according to the IHSA.

Students from a team whose school is on strike are not allowed to practice with teams from schools that are not on strike.

It appeared all 19 CPS schools that are playoff eligible were arranging practice Wednesday afternoon or evening so they could get all three required practices before Saturday.

The strike still would have to end before the playoffs start on Saturday in order for the CPS teams to play. If the strike doesn’t end by the playoffs, all CPS teams would forfeit their games. Although the state playoffs begin Friday night, no CPS teams have games scheduled until Saturday, so it’s unclear exactly when the strike must end for them to play.

“An exact timeline for determining the forfeit deadline will be announced later this week,” IHSA director Craig Anderson said.

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