Why we are the ‘caravan capital’ of Australia


NORTHERN NSW is the capital of caravan tourism and camping in Australia.

For the year ending June 2019, the North Coast of NSW received 1.25 million caravan and camping visitors (an increase of 51 per cent from 2009) and 5.8 million nights (a 28 per cent increase from 2009).

The data also showed that 94 percent of this market is domestic, with caravan and camping visitors staying on average 4.6 nights in the region.

This makes the North Coast of NSW the strongest performing tourism region in Australia when it comes to caravan and camping visitors, according to the latest figures from Tourism Research Australia, released by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

The area Tourism Research Australia includes in Northern NSW includes coastal communities from Tweed heads to Forster.

According to a Caravan Industry Association of Australia spokesperson, this data also includes festival goers that camp at music festivals such as Bluesfest, Splendour and Falls, plus other similar events.

At a national level, for the first time the young and midlife-no-kids segment of the population has overtaken the family demographic as the largest lifecycle group in terms of caravan and camping trips.

This group is fuelled by the rapidly increasing bracket of 20-29-year-olds who are taking caravan and camping trips.

In the Northern NSW area, the data shows just under 200,000 trips from 20-29 year olds in the region, equalling 600,000 nights.

The 30-54 group also strongly increased in the number of trips taken to surpass 6M, 46 per cent of all trips.

The older non-working segment spent 17 million nights in total, accounting for 31 per cent of all nights spent caravan and camping in national level.

Nationally, total expenditure of caravan and camping visitors increased by 17 per cent to exceed $7.9 billion.

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