RDC 10 not linked to purported oil refinery business – Regional Chairman

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The Regional Democratic Council of Region 10 has issued an urgent warning to the general public that it is in no way connected with a purported oil refinery in the Region.

Region 10 Regional Chairman, Renis Morian

In fact Regional Chairman, Mr. Renis Morian, made it clear that neither he nor his council ever met with any or has had any discussion in relation to establishing any oil business within the region.
As such Morian has dubbed reports in this regard as being very misleading and woefully inaccurate. Speaking to a recent article published locally, Morian said, “The article leaves one to wonder as to what the motive for the article is, and whose agenda is being served with such an article. Therefore, I would like to make it pellucid that we never met with anyone and therefore would like to have this clarify immediately.”
Morian went on to divulge that it was an individual bearing the same name as in the recent article that sought to mislead farmers of the region with claims of planting cassava in the region. “We have contacted the police regarding the scam and the police have assured us that there is a full investigation of the matter, so what I can say is that this individual will certainly face the law for his actions as we are not taking it lightly and this Council is alert and will therefore ensure that he is held accountable for his actions,” Morian said.
The Regional Chairman disclosed that discussions were held with the farmers, however, when they asked to see a contract the individual disappeared thus confirming earlier suspicions that it was a scam.
Moreover, Morian stressed that neither the Council or the administration of the region have given contract and/or permission to anyone to proceed with any such project. He went on to reiterate that any contract and or transaction being done within the region is not being conducted above board.
“We have and continue to conduct our business professionally, ethically and with a high degree of standard, therefore the general public should be aware that we have not issued any such contracts and they should be weary of persons seeking to convey such an impression or scam them into such unethical and illegal deals,” he warned.
He reiterated that his region has and continues to have a no nonsense policy as it relates to corruption, stressing that they will continue to adhere to regional procurement regulations and standards. He declared further that the public should remain alert warning that as it gets closer to election date, he anticipates that other such attempts by persons evidently motivated by political and or criminal desires will seek to deceive the public through scams and other acts.

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