Australian influencer Claire Alexander-Johnston names child ‘Citizen’


An Australian influencer has revealed the name of her new baby but some have pointed out that her unique choice may be illegal.

Claire Alexander-Johnston named her child Citizen, telling her Instagram followers she had already run into problems.

“Welcome to the family Citizen Sage Alexander-Johnston,” she wrote.

“You are 10 days old… Sorry this naming business has taken so long!

“We had a bit of a curve ball when we announced your name to our family, as someone pointed out, it’s possibly illegal to name you that in Australia.”

Alexander-Johnston said the name was inspired by her desire for her child to be a ‘citizen of the world’.

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“We tried to change it. ‘Disco’ even came back into play! But nothing else felt right for you as a Libra, with a [very sensible and grounded] Capricorn moon,” she said.

“So Citizen you are, and always will be – a Citizen of the world.

“And look, if you have some rough teenage years, and you just wanna hang in the garage punching bongs with ‘Benji and the crew’, you can always roll out “Zen” as a nickname, and I’ll bring you all snacks and we’ll get through it.

“Because I’m already so proud, and so in love with you Citizen Sage. You complete me.”

Johnston’s other children are called Atlas, Everest and Zephyr.

Baby names are banned in Australia if they are a formal title, like Captain, Chief, Father, or Corporal, religious like ‘Christ’ and ‘God’ or confusing, like ‘Australia’, ‘Anzac’ and ‘Satan’.

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