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News 5 is going pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Although it’s rare, men can develop breast cancer. One Baldwin County man found out he had breast cancer when he went for a gallbladder ultrasound.

Phillip Butts says he was experiencing pain in his right breast, but brushed it off until one day, on his way to see his doctor for a completely different issue, his seatbelt was hitting him in just the right spot to make him bring it up in conversation during an ultrasound.

He said, “I told her that I had been having some soreness in my right breast. And she looked at me kind of funny and said, “Oh really?”‘

Butts describes that pain as muscle soreness you feel after a strenuous exercise. He had a mammogram, then a biopsy.

“It came back positive, I had breast cancer,” Butts told Cherish Lombard.

That was December of 2012.

“I had 16 weeks of chemo and I got through with that then I had 33 radiation treatments 5 days a week,” said Butts.

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