Southeastern New Mexico experiences flash flooding, closed roads


DEXTER, N.M. (KRQE) – A massive storm has left parts of southeast New Mexico underwater. People have been stranded, cars carried away and some schools shut down.

The Artesia Fire Chief says this storm has certainly left a mark on the area.

“We’ve rescued several stranded motorists starting last night,” he said. “We’re expecting more rain flow and more roads to be shut down and become impassable throughout the day.”

In Roswell, video from Sky News 13 shows State Road 2 completely flooded. In some parts, waters were so deep, people had to climb on top of their car as they waited for rescue crews.

In Hagerman, roads didn’t look good there either. Some parts were unpassable, like the road that leads to the Roswell Correctional Facility.

Viewer Lisa Sintas sent video taken as she passed through a Curry County road that’s been completely flooded. A car is seen submerged in the water; it even covered the hood of the car.

“I have a little SUV. I just don’t see myself going through there again. It was just way too scary because you just couldn’t see the road at all,” Sintas said.

The flooding caused so much damage, it shut down Lake Arthur, Hagerman and Dexter Schools. They are expected to reopen Wednesday.

So far, there are no reports of major injuries, but authorities are urging people to turn around if they see high water. In Roswell, crews are handing out sandbags at the city water center if needed.

Although the waters are receding as the day goes on, crews are preparing for more flooding this week.

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