Perth’s Luke Toki devastated by Survivor Australia exit


It wasn’t just hearts across the nation breaking last night as Perth’s Luke Toki waved goodbye to a chance at half a million dollars on Australian Survivor.

Toki is still devastated and watching the episode brings back the monumental loss.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Toki told AAA.

“It feels like someone has ripped your heart out while it’s still beating.”

Last night the 32-year-old missed his chance at nabbing his fourth immunity win and after 46 days he was booted out of the competition.

Pia Miranda with Luke Toki.

Pia Miranda with Luke Toki.

Camera IconPia Miranda with Luke Toki.Picture: Channel Ten/Nigel Wright

In an emotional episode, his fellow tribe-mates reluctantly voted him out, knowing the father-of-three would be a clear favourite to be crowned sole Survivor at the end.

Pia Miranda, who has now earned herself a spot in the final three, was visibly upset.

“Knowing that you left and what I left behind played such a big part in my emotions,” he said.

“Such an emotional ride for anyone to lose when it’s this close to the wire and knowing I had four immunities and knowing I needed one more to put the game in my hands, to fall short hits home.”

Luke Toki won three immunity challenges.

Luke Toki won three immunity challenges.

Camera IconLuke Toki won three immunity challenges.Picture: Channel Ten/Nigel Wright

However, there were no hard feelings towards the final three with Miranda, WA’s Harry Hills and Baden Gilbert still in the running.

Besides food, Toki was craving a “family sandwich” from his wife Mary, daughterMadeline sons Lennox, 7 and Nate, 5 when he returned home.

But it could be the last time we see the Baldvis lad as King of the Jungle, unsure if he could muster up the strength for a third stab at the prize money.

“There would be a lot to consider and I’m still recovering physically and emotionally,” he said.

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