How Australia’s largest family organises a holiday


BEING Australia’s largest family has it challenges, namely finding a place large enough to fit everyone on a holiday.

The Bonell family, made up of 16 kids, rarely go on holiday because it can be a logistical nightmare.

Now, through, the family has secured one of their first holidays in years, to Port Douglas.

Family matriarch Jeni Bonell said it was often hard planning a holiday.

“While we wouldn’t trade it for the world, having 16 kids means family holidays are few and far between,” she said.

“We’re so excited for our trip, and most of all happy we could find somewhere on that the whole family likes and fits us all.”

New YouGov Galaxy research commissioned by, the global leader in connecting travellers with the widest range of incredible places to stay, has revealed millions of Aussies (1.2 million) have never been on a family holiday.

A spokeswoman for said with more than one quarter of Aussies (28 per cent) saying they can’t find a holiday destination to please the whole family, and more than one in ten Aussies saying suitable holiday accommodation (12 per cent) is too hard to find, the Bonell’s weekend away would hopefully restore faith in the tourism sector.

“If they can do it, anyone can,” the spokeswoman said.

“The research clearly shows Australian families are wanting to enjoy holiday experiences together but struggle to find suitable options,” Australia area manager Luke Wilson said.

“With nearly 50 per cent of travellers saying enough space in their accommodation is a key deciding factor, we wanted to show that can fit families of all sizes, including Australia’s biggest.”

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