The Notorious RBG in Chicago: Ginsburg raps on the past and the future

Chicago News

Just weeks after announcing she received treatment for pancreatic cancer, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Monday reminded a Chicago crowd the nation has “come a long way,” while calling her rise to the top an “unrealistic” expectation back in her law school days, when women weren’t hired as lawyers, much less judges.

The liberal icon turned pop-culture figure said she’s “optimistic” for the nation’s future but acknowledged she would like to see future justices appointed for their qualifications, not for how they are expected to vote on contentious cases.


“I have seen enormous changes, and that’s what makes me optimistic for the future,” Ginsburg, 86, said at the University of Chicago. In a one-hour conversation, Ginsburg called the Supreme Court “the most collegial place” she’s ever worked — in a storied law career that began in 1959.

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