Why Britain was never a natural ally of Europe long before Brexit – Yorkshire Post letters


From: Ian Lavender, Driffield.

OVER and over on Brexit, I hear the call “They need us more than we need them” or “Germany needs to sell us its cars”.

Will Britian leave the EU next month?

Will Britian leave the EU next month?

Nothing unconstitutional about Boris Johnson shutting Parliament over Brexit and here’s why – Bill Carmichael

People saying these things miss a core understanding of where this all came from. We are not good Europeans. Charles de Gaulle did not want us to join. And he was right. We have been rubbish partners ever since.

Why suspension of Parliament sets dangerous precedent for democracy – Ken Clarke

A united Europe is the purpose of the European project to prevent a repetition of the horrors of the past that we pay ‘lip service’ to and that scar the souls of those across Europe. Across Europe – Greece, Italy, France even – there are movements to split away and destroy European unity.

Former prime minister Tony Blair remains an outspoken Brexit critic.

Former prime minister Tony Blair remains an outspoken Brexit critic.

Boris Johnson, our People’s PM, is right to call a general election if stupidity rules over Brexit – Bernard Ingham

To prevent this, although they would, of course, deny it, the central tendency of power in the European consensus would do almost anything to deter anyone else in the EU club to think it was worthwhile leaving.

Named: The hypocrites and lickspittles in Boris Johnson’s Cabinet shaming politics over Brexit – Tony Rossiter

Europe will watch us starve, burn, queue for days and even kill before they allow leaving the club to look like a good idea. The European ‘ideal’ is far more important than allowing separatists across Europe pointing to Britain (it will probably be England by then) and seeing anything other than abject failure.

From: Keith Punshon, Willow Bridge Lane, Dalton, Thirsk.

NIGEL Farage is right when he says that the country is headed to a very dark place. The elite Parliament has turned itself into an elected dictatorship, putting the EU in charge of our future and our money. Voters and majorities are ignored and democracy has died. We are seeing a new Rump Parliament now. History repeats itself with an ineffective Parliament simply sitting on the ignored people, doing nothing. Historically speaking. we need another Cromwell to free us from this self-satisfied, out-of-touch elite.

From: Michael O’Sullivan, Allerton Bywater, Castleford.

IT is gratifying to see David Downs (The Yorkshire Post, September 3) share my views on Yvette Cooper and Mary Creagh – and their disdain for the 2016 Leave referendum win. Nothing new for this duo and Hilary Benn too. I voted Leave knowing this would mean being out of the Single Market and Customs Union.

From: Jarvis Browning, Fadmoor, York.

DR Phillip Lee’s defection from the Tories to Lib Dems is an utter disgrace and all Remainers should be ashamed of themselves for not respecting the referendum.

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